“You will be prepared for all of your future conversations if you learn English with me”

Why is it worth taking lessons

with me?

  • Vast experience – 14 years as a teacher + over 3000 students

  • Certified teacher with a master’s degree in English Language Teaching

  • Great motivator – able to inspire!

  • Self-written texts designed to increase students’ knowledge of typical phrases and sentence structures used by native speakers

  • English fluency through personalising phrases and collocations – personalised sentences which are easy to retrieve in future conversations

  • Affordable lesson packages and offers

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Hi, I’m Steve and Welcome to PELC

I’m a man on a mission. With fourteen years’ experience as an English language instructor behind me, I offer cutting edge online courses to students, while those living in Gdańsk can now benefit from having face-to-face classes with me.

Of course, materials matter! Over the years, I have written nearly 100 texts. Many of them are based on my own experiences living, travelling and working abroad. You don’t have to worry – you will be able to relate to my experiences, and I will leave all the talking to you.

PELC stands for “Personalised English Language Courses”. This is because I will work with you – the student – to make language, words, phrases and collocations personal to you. If you personalise phrases and collocations so they are from your experience, then you will be well-prepared for all future conversations. I will show you how to record new language items with the aid of the PELC Word-Phrase Table.

“I realised very early that teaching was my destination in life…”

I started teaching in Poland on a hot and sunny day in August, 2006. I set out on a remarkable professional journey and I’ve never looked back…

Steve Krajew English Coach Online
English Online Teacher Steven Krajewski Certifications

 English Courses


  • Supplemented by engaging texts based on my own life experiences and observations of the world. Click here for a sample text
  • Conversation-based
  • Aims to familiarise students with typical phrases and collocations used by native speakers
  • By the end of the course, you will be able to create personalised sentences from newly-learned collocations. These sentences will be easy to recall in future conversations with the aid of the PELC Word-Phrase Table
  • Analysis and discussion of news articles. Each article is supplemented by sound recordings and a summary of the most useful words and collocations


  • Intensive course designed to familiarise students with the writing and speaking components of the IELTS exam
  • By the end of the course, students are able to speak fluently and confidently under exam conditions
  • Supplemented by a coursebook and self-designed materials
  • More than 6,000 educational institutions, businesses and government departments around the world accept Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) as proof of high-level achievement in learning English
  • Supplemented by a coursebook and self-designed materials


  • Business English course for business people or those wishing to enter the world of Business
  • Utilises articles about a range of business-related topics in order to stimulate interesting discussion
  • Materials have been meticulously designed in order to stimulate incidental grammar learning and the possibility of retrieving useful phrases and collocations in future conversations
  • Business English vocabulary
  • Supplemented by worksheets and a coursebook

During a work assignment in Łódź, Poland, I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to teach highly-motivated entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors and warehouse logistics managers who are employed by international companies, such as L’Oréal.

  • Eight years’ experience preparing children of all ages for their UK boarding school interviews
  • Focus on helping children to speak about their academic strengths, extra-curricular talents and leadership skills
  • Techniques for developing spoken fluency within a short space of time
  • Written feedback after every session
  • Two FREE consultation phone calls with parents


The PELC Word-Phrase Table – Why Personalising Phrases and Collocations works

The Benefits of using a word table:

  • Record collocations after a dash (-)
  • Write true personalised sentences about personal attitudes, experiences and familiar situations after a star (*)
  • Easy to access and develop a repetition schedule
  • The possibility to use different colours, fonts and letter sizes to enhance visual memory skills which, in turn, increases the probability of recalling key collocations, grammatical information and personalised sentences
  • Enlist a native speaker to make sound recordings of personalised sentences


def. to develop well and be successful syn. thrive (v.)
* I get the impression that small businesses in Poland are flourishing
* I think that Arsenal will flourish under the leadership of Mikel Arteta


little else but
* Given the extreme lengths Beethoven’s father went to in order for his son to practise playing the piano, I’m not sure that Beethoven could have turned into little else but a genius
* These days, it seems that I do little else but write and teach

My own self-written texts which will broaden your  knowledge of natural English

Why are PELC texts unique?

  • Themed texts which students can relate to
  • A teacher who is willing to share his experiences
  • A basis for great conversation, giving opinions and speaking under relaxed conditions
  • Key phrases and collocations often used by native speakers of English
  • Greater opportunities for incidental grammar acquisition
  • High-quality sound recordings provided for EVERY text

Ah, organic food 

It’s common knowledge that fruit and vegetables sold in supermarkets are ridden with pesticides, so I was delighted to have recently found wild blackberries close to my workplace. There must be fifty thousand blackberries waiting to be picked. Picking them means that I can save money as I don’t have to buy fruit in a store. The therapeutic effects of walking in a forest and picking fruit are also extremely rewarding

Organic farming is extremely labour-intensive so, based on the low prices of organic products in supermarkets, it’s difficult to believe that farmers can earn a decent living from the produce they sell to stores. With so many cheap organic products on supermarket shelves, I do ask myself whether the big chains are lying about which products truly are organic, in order to generate as much profit as they can. 


  • FREE consultation meetings to discuss progress
  • FREE assistance with developing language learning strategies between classes
  • FREE texts and materials
  • FREE sound recordings for self-written texts and other news articles
  • FREE webinars
  • FREE lessons for recommending a friend
  • FREE question and answer service on Skype

You can speak English powerfully and confidently!

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