British English Pronunciation Course

This British English Pronunciation Course is taught by Steve himself. Hailing from Northamptonshire, in central England, Steve speaks with a very plain and easy-to-understand accent.

Each lecture focuses on two or three sounds, a single aspect of phonology, such as connected speech, or a more general issue such as changes in pronunciation that take place in fast speech when compared with slower, more deliberate speech.

What are the Defining Features of my British English Pronunciation Course?

  • Less pronunciation theory; maximum practice with your mouth muscles
  • Shared audio files – so you can practice at home
  • Feedback from Steve on YOUR voice recordings
  • Tips to sound like a native speaker
  • PDF files for each lecture

What will you master in my British English Pronunciation Course?

  • Homographs
  • Heteronyms
  • Homophones
  • Pronunciation in slow and fast speech
  • Common pronunciation mistakes
  • The articulation of vowels
  • Diphthongs
  • Schwa sound
  • Weak and strong forms of grammar words
  • Contracted forms
  • The articulation of consonants and consonant clusters
  • Pronunciation and spelling
  • Intonation
  • Word stress
  • Sentence stress
  • Aspects of connected speech
  • Words which are difficult to pronounce in English