Frequently asked questions

Why ‘PELC’?

PELC stands for ‘Personalised English Language Courses’. Essentially, texts and articles selected for classes relate to common themes and topics which I believe all students will be able to share their opinions on.

Learners are encouraged to manipulate new words and collocations in order to create “personalised” sentences which they will be able to retrieve during future conversations. I am at hand to help learners “personalise”.

Your teaching methods are very new to me. Can you explain them?

Absolutely. I am happy to offer free online consultation lessons with potential students in order to explain and demonstrate the methods.

How long do online lessons last?

As long as you want them to. From my experience, it is better to have short but regular lessons. I have one student from Poland who’s been taking lessons for five years and we meet every second day for 15-20 minutes.

If I only see a student once a week, I tend to cover more ground with them, so a typical class might last 25 to 40 minutes.

I keep a record of how long every class takes. If a student pays for four hours of tuition, that student will receive four hours of tuition no matter how many classes they need to reach that four hour limit.

Language schools delude people into believing that attending two long classes per week leads to faster language acquisition. Wrong. Regular contact with a second language means everything.

I am sick and cannot have a lesson. Will I lose this class?

If you inform me the day before your scheduled lesson, you will not lose the class. The cut-off time for cancellations is 21pm (GMT). Fifteen minutes will be deducted from your batch of prepaid minutes if you make a same-day cancellation. Frequent cancellations may result in the cancellation of a course. Any outstanding funds will be returned to students.

Can you guarantee that I will speak English fluently after my course?

Fluency is a very loose word but I think that smooth speaking results from being in contact with quality language learning materials which contain lots of natural language and collocations. I can guarantee that I will cooperate with you every step of the way and ensure that you finish your course as a confident speaker of English. At the start, it is better to be realistic and take things one step at a time than it is to be fixated on speaking fluently in English.

What separates you from the competition?

Effort, ideas and desire.

How can I pay for my course, and what else should I know about the conditions for payment?

Payment can be made by bank transfer to a UK bank account or via PayPal or Payoneer. Polish students can send funds to my Polish bank account. Each lesson can never last the same amount of time, so I keep an exact record of minutes spent with students. Students can pay for more minutes once their previous payment is about to reach its limit.

Do the course fees include the price of coursebooks and extra materials?

I prefer not to use coursebooks, although I occasionally use exercises from coursebooks if I think they might help a student. I have PDF copies of select coursebooks. I prepare extra materials and worksheets for students free of charge.

What media applications do you use to hold online lessons?

I prefer Skype, but I am also open to using WeChat and WhatsApp etc.

You can speak English powerfully and confidently!