Texts based on my own life experiences and observations of the world which will broaden your knowledge of natural English

One day, I realised that I needed to take my students away from the imaginary and unrealistic texts often found in coursebooks, and bring them much closer to their teacher, real-life situations and the language and phrases used by native speakers. Therefore, I started to write texts about my own experiences living and working abroad, travelling around the world, renting a flat and numerous other situations. Not all of the texts are about me. I also write about news events and offer my viewpoints on them.

Compared with most English language texts found on the Internet and in coursebooks, PELC texts are predominantly written in the first person. I make sure that the language in my texts resembles that of spoken English rather than formal written English. This is achieved through the use of personal pronouns (“I” and “we”), collocations, phrasal verbs and contractions (“I’ve” instead of “I have” and so on).

PELC English language texts are aimed at intermediate, upper-intermediate and advanced level learners due to the wide variety of vocabulary, collocations and grammar structures employed.

I am very opinionated in many of my texts. This helps students to come out of their shell and speak at length when responding to my views. Therefore, the overall effect of my texts has been to improve my students’ willingness to speak with freedom and be opinionated themselves.

Decoration is what you need

Since 2006, I’ve perhaps viewed over fifty flats for rent in several European countries. I continue to be shocked by the sheer incompetence of landlords to make their properties stand out to tenants.

Novi Sad, in Serbia, is a very specific, and difficult city for renters. It is a ‘true’ student city and students have taken over the rental market. Flats are also relatively cheap to rent in Serbia, which means that landlords have little incentive to renovate their properties. However, there will always be high-earners or foreigners willing to pay two hundred and fifty to four hundred euros for a decent, well-furnished flat, and that is why landlords should focus on improving the state of their properties.

Some of the properties I’ve seen in recent months have made me want to throw up. I remember an elderly woman who wanted to rent out a dark and dirty flat, which is in a prime location, for two hundred and fifty euros. You can’t expect to rent out a filthy flat unfit for human habitation just because it’s in a desirable location. Such poorly maintained flats are not even fit for students on a tight budget.

Words, collocations and phrases

  • sheer – complete
  • incompetence – lack of skill
  • landlord – a man who rents property, a building or land
  • property – a building or buildings and the land belonging to it or them
  • to stand out – to be noticed more than others as something may be more attractive than something else
  • tenant – someone who pays money to a landlord to live in a flat
  • take over – begin to dominate
  • incentive – a thing that motivates or encourages someone to do something
  • renovate – make changes and repairs to a building, flat, room etc
  • decent – of a reasonable standard
  • well-furnished – a property fitted with attractive or good quality furniture
  • state – condition
  • throw up – be sick
  • elderly – (of a person) old or ageing
  • rent out (a flat) – landlords provide flats to tenants for a fee
  • prime location – of the best quality
  • filthy – extremely dirty
  • unfit – not of the necessary quality or standard to meet a particular purpose
  • habitation – the fact of living in a particular place
  • desirable – worth having and wanted by most people
  • poorly maintained – not kept in a good condition
  • (on a) tight budget – to not have much money to spend

Why are PELC English language texts unique?

  • Themed texts which you will be able to relate to
  • A teacher who is willing to share his experiences
  • A basis for stimulating conversation, giving opinions and speaking under relaxed conditions
  • Key phrases and collocations often used by native speakers of English
  • Greater opportunities for incidental grammar acquisition
  • High-quality sound recordings provided for EVERY text

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