Praise from long-term students

  • I have been studying with Steve since May 2017. His teaching strategy consists of a preview, review and repetition, which are seamlessly harmonized with each other. Unlike other teachers online, his high-quality teaching materials are his own work. Therefore, his responses and explanations to my questions have always been clear and to the point. Through his classes, the essential expressions I’ve learned have been developed into real-life personalised sentences that have been written by me and corrected by Steve. I strongly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a highly reliable, well-prepared and deeply insightful English teacher.

    Il Gon Kim from Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
    Il Gon Kim from Cambridge, Ontario, Canada Software Developer
  • Steven is a very well qualified English teacher. He develops his own methods of teaching, such as writing articles himself and recording them, as well as emphasising the personalisation of phrasal verbs and collocations. He is able to customize language based on students’ abilities, needs and expectations. For those who like to sound more natural and speak more quickly, Steven teaches students how to link words (connected speech). He's well prepared for each lesson and he doesn’t like routine, so you will never get bored during the lessons.

    He places emphasis on speaking rather than sticking solely to grammar rules. After each lesson, you receive a set of notes which contains information about new words and phrases as well as grammar issues.

    All in all, Steven’s methods will take your English to another level in an incredibly short space of time!

    Marek Królikowski from Andrespol, Poland
    Marek Królikowski from Andrespol, Poland Professional photographer
  • I’ve been learning English with Steve for three years and I had a lot of luck to meet him. His lessons are interesting, with plenty of materials (articles) prepared by Steve himself which concentrate on getting students to speak and give their opinions. I always wait with impatience for every lesson.

     Thanks to Steve, I began to believe in my English skills and can communicate with native speakers effortlessly. We converse about different topics and current matters from all over the world. We always repeat vocabulary from previous lessons and Steve also pays attention to the pronunciation of words.

    Steve is always well-prepared for lessons and sends a summary of new words, pronunciation issues and new grammar points after every meeting.

    I highly recommend Steve as an English teacher.

    Mariusz Siek from Kaleń, Grodzisk Mazowiecki County, Poland
    Mariusz Siek from Kaleń, Grodzisk Mazowiecki County, Poland Producer of natural kvass
  • I would like to express my deepest gratitude to my English teacher, Steve. His system of transferring knowledge and his individual approach to my needs and attention to my goals have helped me to become confident while both speaking English and performing comedy in English.

    Thanks to Steve, my intonation now sounds more realistic and I’ve managed to get rid of the rising intonation at the end of the sentence which is a struggle for most Russians. Steve has given me a lot of useful self-written texts, interesting materials and recordings of how British speech should sound so preparation for each lesson is always very interesting and involving. Another nice point about Steve’s lessons is that he always gives you an opportunity to speak about numerous subjects - and those subjects go far beyond the list which textbooks provide. Steve writes the texts for lessons himself which is very useful - apart from learning a lot of nice expressions, you learn a great deal about how British people live and their way of thinking, which is precious.

    Steve is a Teacher with a capital letter T (as we say in Russia). I am very grateful to Steve for everything he has done, and continues to do, to improve my English. I 100% recommend Steve to everyone who wants to achieve results in English as he is the best English teacher I've ever known.

    Nastya Rybachuk from Moscow, Russia
    Nastya Rybachuk from Moscow, Russia Poet and female comedienne
  • I have been learning with Steven for over a year. I had previously attended a language school where I took individual classes with Polish teachers of the English language. Steven is the first teacher who has enabled me to make so much progress in my learning of English. My main weakness was conversation. Today, I feel much more confident when it comes to expressing myself in English.

    Steven is a teacher with a capital ‘T’. His method of teaching revolves around the study of his own meticulously prepared self-written texts. Each lesson is an opportunity not only to learn new grammar points or new words, but also to break through the language barrier in speaking, with which I had the biggest problem.

    Having studied in a language school for three years with Polish teachers of English, I have found that I have achieved far better results with Steven after just one year of learning.

    I recommend Steven as your teacher of English.

    Lukasz from Warsaw, Poland
    Lukasz from Warsaw, Poland Mainframe System Programmer
  • Learning English with Steve has many advantages, but I will mention three that are the most important for me.

    First of all, Steve has effectively motivated me to learn. Owing to short fifteen to twenty minute lessons we have every other day, I am in regular contact with English (one day for preparation, the second - a lesson) - I devote a few moments to learning practically every single day. Secondly, at the end of each lesson, Steve gives specific advice as he draws attention to, and corrects, my mistakes - and from that point we move on to another session, Thirdly, one of Steve’s greatest assets is his flexibility. We arrange lessons in the morning, in the afternoon, and sometimes late in the evening, if the time suits me.

    I have never experienced such an effective and convenient way to learn English. I wholeheartedly recommend Steve as your teacher of English.

    Katarzyna Bizacka from Tychy, Poland
    Katarzyna Bizacka from Tychy, Poland Copy editor
  • I had no idea that anyone could teach English in such an enjoyable way until I met Steve. Forget about boring textbooks and “fill the gap” exercises. Be prepared for a variety of materials which are suited to your interests. Expect many different texts, recordings and video materials. Every lesson begins with revision which is very helpful when it comes to learning new words and phrases. What is crucial here, Steve always highlights most useful collocations used in real life situations. During the conversation phase, Steve writes down some comments on how I can improve my speaking. In my opinion, this is the most beneficial part, because you get a personalised document with a track record and you can always refer to that.

    Lessons are short which keeps me motivated, and what is also worth mentioning is that Steve is also very flexible in terms of planning new appointments.

    After many years of learning English I am sure that Steve is the best teacher I have ever had. Lessons with him gave me a huge boost to my confidence.

    Krzesimir Modelski from Gdańsk, Poland
    Krzesimir Modelski from Gdańsk, Poland Product Manager
  • I have been learning with Steve for over a year, and it has been the best decision I made, even though I was initially skeptical. After many attempts at learning English, I had come to accept that I didn't have a talent for languages and would never be able to speak English.However, Steve changed my mindset and his teaching method has helped me make significant progress. Most importantly, he helped me overcome my mental barriers. I can see a clear improvement in my confidence, and I have finally stopped being afraid of speaking in English. I still make mistakes, of course, but I feel more comfortable in various situations, which is a huge success for me and keeps me motivated to continue learning.Steve uses a very interesting teaching approach that focuses on practical language skills, such as talking about me, experiences, and thoughts. The topics for each lesson are different, depending on the article or recording I received beforehand. This makes every lesson engaging and interesting.The sessions are short, only 15 minutes, but they require advance preparation and some additional time outside of the sessions to stay in constant contact with the language. I believe this method is highly effective. Moreover, the online format makes it easier to participate regularly.Another significant advantage is the individual format of the "1 on 1" lessons. It definitely contributes to the effectiveness of the learning process. Steve is highly involved and always pays attention to correct pronunciation. He catches grammatical mistakes I make, and each lesson starts with reviewing vocabulary from previous sessions, which allows him to regularly monitor my progress and motivate me to study consistently.For me, this format of lessons is also crucial because I am not exposed to the additional stress that I have experienced in group classes. Here, I can feel at ease, which has a significant impact on improving my self-confidence.I highly recommend Steve to anyone who wants to improve their language skills in a pleasant and effective atmosphere. No matter what level of language skills you have.

    Jola Ryndak, from Kraków, Poland
    Jola Ryndak, from Kraków, Poland Project Manager

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